10 July 2008

Life on the Farm

So I don't have any pictures for now. Its a bit exhausting living on the farm and trying to also keep a blog is a bit ridiculous. I do a lot of various jobs on the farm and there are a few regular things too. Right now we're harvesting squash and cucumbers (both in the cucurbit family) and we just started picking tomatoes -- masses and masses of tomatoes! By the time two weeks have passed we'll be up to our ears in tomatoes! And yesterday, on the not-so-regular end of things, I shoveled chicken poop out of the hen houses for four hours. I wasn't doing it alone, mind you, which made it a lot better. So my responsibilities certainly run the gambit!

In other news, Joel and I have set our wedding date! November 8, 2008. It'll be at the Patapsco State Park outside of Ellicott City, MD. Then we're going to have a reception in Ohio and one in California for all of our friends and families and their respective states. Its tough having to figure out how to encompass everyone! We've also been thinking about having a honeymoon in the Florida Keys since we're getting married in a cold time of the year it sounded nice to be able to have a warm place to go to and do nothing after planning a wedding and finishing farming!

I've also decided to wait til the fall semester to apply to colleges. It made a lot of sense to Joel and I to wait for a bit and stay in Baltimore/Ellicott City for a while before we decide to move across the country (or wherever). It'll be much easier to focus on applying when we're not doing a million other things at the same time. There were too many things up in the air to try and fit another thing in. Or several things as the case may be.

And lastly, I turned 21 on tuesday! And I didn't even get carded when I bought a bottle of wine. Oh well, I suppose. Beth, one of my old roommates, and I went to Harpers Ferry, WV and brought burritos and hung out at Jefferson Rock for a bit. Then we went down to the Shenandoah River and waded in the water and it felt lovely! I can't wait to go back when I'm more prepared (a swimsuit and a towel, perhaps?). Then we drove back to VA, I bought my uncarded wine and we went back to the farm. I poured glasses for both Beth and I but she doesn't like alcohol so she was a good sport and drank about half and then poured the rest in my glass. It was far from the traditional turn-21-birthday but that is certainly fine by me!

And that is the update in my life and I'm sure someday I'll write more about the farm, I won't leave you hanging!