11 November 2011

In Search of a Home

After we got to Ohio we chilled out from driving for a week then we were back on the road. Here are a couple photos from Ohio.
Then we drove to Rhode Island to visit Kristen and Andrew. On our way there we mentioned to our past roommate, Ryan, that we were in his home state of New York and he said we should stay with his parents. We were intending to camp (and it was 40ยบ!) so we called up his parents and they invited us to stay the night with open arms. They fed us and let us sleep in their lovely warm beds. Thanks Ryan! Anyway, Joel and Kristen went to university together at University of Cincinnati. We also were headed to Rhode Island so that I could visit the University of Rhode Island, but alas I was not impressed with the program at all and have crossed it off my list (hey, one less school on my list). Kristen and Andrew have two very nice cats named Traveler and Rommel.
Then we headed south to Washington DC to visit Tom and Dawn, Tom is also a college friend.
Together with Tom and Dawn we went up to Gettysburg, PA for the weekend. We visited the battlefields and went on a ghost tour (sorry, no photos of ghosts!).
Then after much discussion Joel and I decided to go back to Ohio. We were tired of being on the road and feeling aimless. But Tom and Dawn asked us to cat-sit at their house (which we are doing right at this moment) so we knew we were coming back. On our way back to Ohio we drove through Shenandoah National Park, and my was it beautiful! We saw black bears and deer.
Since then we've been helping Joel's parents move to a new house just down the street from where they're living now. It's a great little place and we're happy to get to help. I'm in the process of applying to grad schools, as I mentioned above, and hopefully we'll know before too long where we'll be headed to next.

10 November 2011

The Big Move: Day 9 (Wheeling, IL --> Bucyrus, OH)

We made it to Ohio!

The Big Move: Day 8 (Wheeling, IL & Milwaukee, WI)

Today we went up to Milwaukee, WI to visit the Milwaukee Museum of Art. On our drive there we stopped at a heron preserve (I think?). I got to see a lot of fantastic work, including a piece by Martin Puryear -- my favourite artist. There was also a photography exhibition of the work of Taryn Simon which was amazing. Also: I finally bought a typewriter! For $12!