15 January 2013

Coming Along

Things are moving along on the house and we're getting close to having all of our major projects done (painting, copper rack). Which is not to say we don't have a list a mile long of things we still need to take care of. Joel's workshop is getting very organized, so much so that he's been able to complete a few projects including these saw benches.
This is the copper pot rack that he's been working on. We got the copper S-hooks yesterday and hung the skillets and pots, next is to get the spice racks to fits (they will be on the bottom two rungs.
If you are interested in making a copper pot rack as well, here is the link to the article from This Old House Magazine. I will post a picture of the rack once it is full of pots and spices. This is what our house looked like at Christmastime.
In the above photo you can sort of see our paint job for the dining room, here is a fuller view of what our colours look like.
The landing upstairs has gone through a couple changes. It was plain wood panelling and we wanted to paint it to disguise from how terrible it was. We (read: mostly I) made a bad colour decision. And for how many colours we have in our house (four), one isn't so bad. I give you the lime green landing:
Then amended (first coat) of Admiral Blue.
But the thing that is the best about all of this is, we've been able to actually start cooking again. I have also started eating Paleo again (meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and a little dairy). So here are some photos of what we have been having for dinners as of late.
I have had a ton of energy since I started doing Paleo again. I haven't lost any weight (a nice side effect of eating better) but I feel really good physically. More to come soon on house projects!