18 August 2008

Who knew working 60 hours on a farm, getting yelled at by farmers and planning a wedding *wasn't* a good thing? I certainly didn't know. So unfortunately we're calling it quits early. It was too much to handle and way too stress inducing and no longer good, fun or healthy. So in two weeks we shall say good bye to the farm. We told the farmers today and they were surprisingly calm about it. That was nice. In any case, that is the update for now.

07 August 2008


Alright, I'm just going to post the photos now with not too much text if -- I can help myself. :0)

These are some wasps next to my room's door.

And this is a silly chicken roosting in the tree. They don't usually roost in the tree since there is a roosting house where they lay eggs and also sleep at night.

It was this dirty before I swept it when Joel came. Then after done sweeping I forgot to take that picture.

What a cock! He wasn't getting along with the other chickens so they plucked out his tail feathers and now he's growing them back and feeling more confident. He's even gotten up the nerve to chase the hens (no mounting just yet).

One of the chickens. They're very friendly and photogenic.

An old dump truck and some new trucks.

Baby birds!! Unfortunately they didn't make it. I took this photo on a sunday and the next monday they were no where to be found. I was very sad. :0(


And some lovely zinnias.

The end. More to come, don't fret!