01 May 2011

Spring time

This was originally written on May 1 but due to frustrating internet problems was not able to post until today. With that said, I now have really reliable internet and will be posting what has happened since this post.

Sunshine in the springtime. Ryan got pullet chickens yesterday (teenage chickens). We got two Americanas/Aracunas that lay blue/green eggs, and two buff orpingtons that lay light brown eggs and a reddish/brown mystery chicken that will lay an egg, we're not sure what colour because neither Ryan nor I remember what the lady said when she sold it to us.

Ryan is really happy about his chickens.

After we brought them home Orson and I sat by them, I knitted and Orson hung out, allowing me to take a rather dapper looking photo of him.

The rest of the garden is going just as well.