27 March 2011

What Spring Looks Like

I've been having a hard time believing that summer is ever going to come and been feeling very dismal regarding the weather. It's spastic to say the least, with five minutes being a black sky and hail, contrasted with the next five minutes being warm sunshine and blue skies. I kid you not. So I decided to go outside in that sunny five minutes this afternoon to photograph the signifiers of spring. They're all pretty small so most of the photos are close up. What I really see without the camera is grey trees with empty limbs, this exercise helped me believe in the forthcoming summer.

Also, Orson has been snuggly. The other day he decided to lay on my arms while I was on my laptop. Not helpful Orson, not helpful. I love him to pieces anyways though.

17 March 2011

Iron Muffins

Joel recently bought a iron muffin tin and last night we finally tested it out. The verdict? Perfect muffins!

Because the muffin "tin" is thicker and sturdier it made for evenly baked muffins that rose gorgeously. Generally in the kitchen, as far as baking items are concerned, thicker is better and nothing is better than cast iron. I highly encourage any kitchen nerds/muffin enthusiasts to hunt down an iron muffin dish. The recipe is our good old gluten-free standby, pumpkin chocolate muffins. Yum!

Our meals have still be pretty much like this.

This particular meal we made was slow-cooked pork short-ribs, creamed corn and sweet potato fries à la Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Usually dinner is comprised of a meat and two vegetable dishes. Other delicious things that have graced our table: No-noodle lasagna, big-ass salads, stir fries and brothy soups.

Also, in case you don't check my art blog here is a little something that I just posted here