15 March 2012

Cincinnati Trip 3

This is what it looked like a month ago.
This is what it looks like now.
Last weekend Joel and I went down to Cincinnati to check out houses. We met up with my mom's friend Johnny and his friend Marie to check out the properties. I've never done this before so it was a completely new experience. Johnny started off by bringing a whole bag of books for us!
While there we stayed at Will's flat, however he wasn't there cause he was out of town visiting an old friend.
Saturday we looked at houses with Marie & Johnny, mostly looking at multi-family units.
Photo Credit Johnny San Phillipo
Photo Credit Johnny San Phillipo
Photo Credit Johnny San Phillipo
Photo Credit Johnny San Phillipo Later in the day we checked out the Enright Eco-Village in Price Hill (a neighborhood in Cincinnati).
It was all very informative, then sunday Joel and I went with the realtor and checked out single-family homes.
We're still not 100% positive about what the next year or so looks like but it shouldn't be bad, that's for sure. And clarity will come with time, there's no sense in rushing it.

03 March 2012

Cincinnati in February

We visited Cincinnati in February and have another trip planned for the upcoming weekend (more photos from that too!). Joel and I are looking for a more permanent residence in Cincinnati and so have spent some time scoping it out before we officially move down there. Will has been our Tour Guide Extraordinaire.
We went out to breakfast with him to a place called Tucker's in Over-the-Rhine.
He showed us around the city, including some really great views.
Joel went to college at University of Cincinnati but his program was so intensive (including 3 internships in other states) that he isn't as familiar with Cincinnati as well as someone who stayed there beyond undergrad, namely Will. While driving around we saw this German-inspired-yet-slightly-off house.
We spent a lot of time walking around Northside which is where Will lives and we may eventually end up.
Will lives here at the American Can Lofts.
We visited a couple years ago before it was full of lofts and instead was an empty warehouse full of concrete rubble and ancient blueprints covered in dust. So when we visited the first time after that I was blown away. I had a hard time envisioning that shell converted into sleek, modern lofts. But that's why Will does what he does and I do not. He has a lovely view from his window.
In other news, I finished my third pair of knitted socks.