29 December 2012

Little poem

Little wind little sun little tree - only one. Little bird little wing little song he can sing. Little need he should stay little up and away. Little speck and he's far - where all little things are. Little things for me too little sad that he flew. --David McCord 1925

13 December 2012

New House Update

Well, this post is long overdue but hopefully it won't disappoint! Most of the house is still very much in flux. My studio is not quite in useful shape but I'll be working on that as soon as the semester ends. Our dining table is still in the living room while we put on finishing touches in the dining room, not all of our books are on their proper shelves in the library -- and the list keeps going on. But here is where we are at the moment. I'll go room by room with before and after photos. This is our living room. The off-white and pink paint job is before, red is after.
The dining room.
Our bedroom. It was a crazy electric blue (first photo) when we bought the house, not really our style. So we toned it down with cool blue grey.
This is Joel's workshop. We still need to paint this one since neither of us is wild about the sunset mural on the wall.
My studio. The first photo is as it was when we toured the house. It was the master bedroom of a 50-something year old woman. Now it's my studio and at the moment is covered in seed pods and photo prints. Again, I'm tackling this after the semester is over.
This is the study inside my studio. It's a funny little room under the eaves that is big enough for my computer and a pull out couch (for guests, or knitting -- win-win!). You can see it in the second to middle studio photo (in the doorway).
And the library.
Joel's parents came down to help us move in one weekend and it was super helpful! We got two rooms (library & bedroom) painted, the wallpaper scraped off the dining room and a whole slough of odds and ends. Our friend Mike also helped us move in (we helped him move into his new house just a month before).
More photos of the house will come as soon as things start to fall a bit more into place. I'm already designing the front and backyards in my head for next spring. The backyard is not my first priority because it is ornamental, as opposed to our front which will be edible (though still ornamental.) I wish someone would have told me that buying a house during your first semester of your masters degree was a crazy idea -- or at the very least that it was hard work. So, if any of you are contemplating these two things: highly consider waiting until your second semester when you have already found your groove! That is my word to the wise for the day.