07 November 2010

The End is Near

So many things have been happening but mostly I've been working on thesis like a good girl. Right now my paper is complete lengthwise but I need to tighten it up a lot. Most of the panels to my sculptures are 80% complete. And I am so incredibly ready to have this over with.

In order to facilitate thinking clearer I cut off all of my hair.

Also, in order to get as much work time in as possible we have been eating like college students which has amounted to not one but two Chinese food delivery nights, lots of pizza and mac and cheese. I wish I could say I cooked well all the time and that it was only from our backyard or from the farm down the street. Alas, academia has forced itself down our throat on top of a frozen pizza.

Granted, this is not to say that we haven't eaten well at all. We've had plenty of home-made pizza (dough and sauce totally from scratch) with delicious toppings like artichoke hearts and goat cheese. I even made a really weird one with bacon, figs, and corn. I guarantee that the description could have been found in any Portland restaurant but unfortunately, the concept is way better than the taste. Butternut squash soup made with squash from the farm co-op also made its way to the dinner table recently. And a couple roasted chickens also somehow managed to make it to the oven this semester.

I am looking forward to being done with school so I can make bread on a more regular basis and that I can plan out dinner better. I love to cook and its been kind of sad in our kitchen without having as much time to lavish upon a meal as much as I like to.

I've also not been paying as much time on our garden as I would like to. This whole year has seen a dwindling in meticulous care for the vegetables and the chickens that we keep.

However, I have gotten a few decent-sized (and super delicious) beets from our garden and with any luck we'll have masses of Brussels sprouts for thanksgiving.

And perhaps even a cabbage will make it.

Orson keeps me company in my studio and in the garden. He has been especially needy which is great sometimes cause it means I have company, but other times, like when I using yarn in my studio, its not so great...

But the majority of my time has been spend writing and creating. I will need a break at the end for sure. But the end is in sight. I will be presenting my thesis in less than a month and I'm looking forward to possibly the biggest moment of my academic career to finally come to pass. It is so close and just about within reach.

Oh ya, and I just finished doing the biggest wedding invitation commission thus far (150 cards and RSVPs). And it turns out that they weren't that well received. Never again will I do wedding invitations at the same time as a thesis. Luckily I don't even think I have that option. *whew*

In other news, Joel and I will have been married for two years tomorrow!


© Allen Lessig 2008


Still just as in love today as we were two years ago, hurray! Here's to many more delightful years ahead!