25 June 2008

Livin' in a Barn

Hello everyone, I am truly a delinquent in my posts. But I promise pictures will be coming soon! I am truly indeed living in a barn, I am one of the luckiest people in the barn in that I have a mattress. Most people have plywood bed things that they lay a mat on. I go to the bathroom in an outhouse without a door and the dinner house is pretty bare. But besides that its a lot of fun and I'm getting use to the other parts. And I'm getting comfortable enough with the doorless outhouse too, which is a good thing since its my only option.

There are 8 workers on the farm and there are four farms on this plot of land (I think). One of the guys is named Malla, who is from Nepal, he's really funny and I think he appreciates when I laugh at his jokes. There's a new guy who started today named Zach and he goes to Brown University and is a creative writing major. Danielle and Mike went to Warren Wilson University and were environmental majors (yay!), Jeremy went to Warren Wilson (I think) but took some time off, sounds like me? And then there's me! Oh and another girl Emily but she's on vacation and I haven't met her yet.

Right now the sun has almost finished setting and I'm sitting on a piece of farm equipment near the farmhouse (not to be confused with the barn, I think they actually have flushing toilets in there!) and there are hundreds of birds singing, bullfrogs are croaking and there are a ton of fireflies.

I work on three farms on this property. I dunno how they figure out where I go but they do. Today I bundled German statice so that it could be dried. I also mulched tomatoes and cucumbers. Its nice to finally be learning how to do all this. Right now a bird is looking at me. And another one is squawking from across the gravel road. And as I said, I will be putting pictures up soon! I'm missing everyone from Baltimore and California and Arizona (where are you Rachel?) and everywhere. Its nice here but it would be nicer with people I loved. :0) I love you all!

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