15 September 2008

These are some photos of insects and other creepy crawlies from the farm that I'm finally uploading for you all to see!

This is a katydid, approximately 2.5 inches long. Thats one big bug!

Common house spider.

Can you spot that mantid? Hint: in the lower right quarter..

Thats the female Praying Mantis.

So things are still really rocky. I'm possibly going to California for the 3 weeks to a month before I get married to spend time with my mom (and family) and take care of wedding stuff and chill out. I still haven't decided what I want to do for sure yet because I feel bad about leaving Joel again, but we've done it before and we did it well. I also feel bad about not having involved my mom for the most part in the wedding stuff. So I don't really know what will happen, it would be nice not to have to pay for rent for sure but is that the most important thing? So many things are going on and it makes me sick to try to comprehend it all. I need some perspective.

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