12 January 2009

Finally: Part 1

I'm now ending my three month hiatus (Lindsay, I'm sorry I didn't get your message until just now! But if you ever come down to Portland I'd love to see you.) I have a mass of pictures (83 to be exact) that I'd like to post but may not get to be posted all in one go. We'll see where this ends up. So, the wedding:

After the wedding we saw the Decemberists with the majority of our wedding party and we all went dressed in our wedding clothes, it was fun. Also, one of our friends wore a monocle, but I don't have a photo.

Then we went on a short honeymoon in Charleston, SC. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called the Eliot House. It was old (as is everything in Charleston) and beautiful. Since it was the off-season for tourists it was very quiet. Every evening we would go down to the courtyard and sit in the hot tub which was set under a trellis of wisteria, very peaceful. Every morning they brought us breakfast in bed (lovely and extravagant!). Over all it was very peaceful and calm. I didn't take many pictures which I'm sorry about because we saw some really awesome things there. I saw a banana blossom and didn't take a picture (how stupid is that!). But here are a couple pictures of our room.

This is a bridge we crossed a couple times. It's some kind of suspension bridge and I don't know the name, but its still pretty fantastic.

We visited a place just south of Charleston called Edisto State Beach on Edisto Island. There are salt marshes, the best shelling in South Carolina and lots of palm trees.

Then on our way back to Baltimore before starting the roadtrip to Portland we stopped in North Carolina. We first stopped at the Alligator River WIldlife Refuge. We unfortunately didn't see any alligators that we're aware but we did see a heron, a couple of black turtles and two suspicious looking forms in the water which weren't actually alligators but certainly made us look twice.

On the East Coast the Outer Banks (aka OBX) is a big deal. Luckily, again being the off season we were able to see the beach without many people around which is nice. There were a lot of really cool shells in amazing colours. And covering the beach were many little jellyfish, and one really big one as well.

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