28 June 2010

Goat Song by Brad Kessler

I have been reading a lot since I've gotten out of school and I just finished Brad Kessler's book entitled, Goat Song. In short, it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It is a memoir about Kessler's journey to becoming a goatherder and cheesemaker. He isn't willfully ignorant like that of the author of the $64 Tomato which I would not recommend. Goat Song, however, is poetic and thoughtful, a meditation on the importance of the goat in Western Judeo-Christian life and culture. It was both historically educational and a recollection of Kessler's own experience in learning about goatherding and the impact of the goat in all aspects of life (language, religion, myth). I would encourage anyone to read this, even if you're not interested in farming. It lends a beautiful pastoral look on what is perceived as paradise, how the idea of a pastoral paradise (the land of milk and honey, the garden of Eden) has played a part in Judeo-Christian belief. My words cannot do the book justice but if any of you are looking for something gentle and thoughtful to read during the summer months I would highly recommend this book.

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