10 November 2011

The Big Move: Day 4 (Sheridan, WY to Rapid City, SD)

Today we drove from Sheridan, WY to Rapid City, SD. We saw lots of Pronghorn Antelope in the morning in Eastern Wyoming, they were everywhere! We stopped by Devil's Tower but we didn't go into the park. Right outside of the park (the middle of nowhere) our Check Oil Light came on so we pulled over an checked out our oil. We were out. So we were about to decided whether we should go back to a convenience store in the town outside of Devil's Tower or to see if we should drive to the highway and find a gas station -- but how long would it take to get there? Would we be okay? Then I saw a white pick up truck cross the street and pull over next to us. The man asked what the problem was and we told him. Joel asked if the man thought we could make it back to the convenience store or if the man thought they would even be selling oil. The man didn't think so, he asked what kind of oil we needed for the car. Joel looked and told him. The man turned to his truck and pulled out a quart of oil that was exactly the kind we needed. Joel asked if we could pay and the man said no, hopped into his truck and drove away. Wow. Then my mom mentioned we should stop by Rapid City, SD because some family friends had parked their RV there and were staying there at the moment. So I called Carol and we set up to meet them at a restaurant in Rapid City and stay with them for the night. And it all worked out and we got to stay with them, what a wonderful time!

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