12 January 2012

A Long Time Coming

Christmas and New Years have both come and gone and I haven't posted a single thing. Well, I intend to remedy that right now. Christmas was great. We spent it with Joel's family on the 23rd, with Linda's side of the family a week prior, and Mike's family a couple days after that. I managed to remember my camera for our immediate family Christmas, thankfully. All three Christmases were lovely and Joel and I definitely had a good time.
Here is how Mike and Linda's cat, Piano, spends most of her days.
We spent Christmas in Mike and Linda's new house, which is a cute little ranch just down the street from where they use to live.
For New Year's Eve Joel and I went down to Cincinnati to spend the weekend with Will, one of Joel's college friends. He just moved into an apartment that his firm helped design and develop. Will also has an impeccable style that is very fitting to his apartment.
Since I've been without a job, I've been spending my time drawing and knitting. Most recently I knitted up these little wool baby pants for some friends who just had a baby, as per the mother's request.
And I've been working on a drawing project that has no end in sight.

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