07 May 2012


Joel and I went to Indianapolis this weekend, he went for a class and I just went along for the ride. I spent saturday in our hotel room just making art which felt really good. (You can see more here )
Sunday I went to go find a place to hike and I found a really awesome place via the DNR but when I got there it was all owned by the U.S. Army with signs posted every hundred feet stating, "US Army No Trespassing." My drive there was lovely and I got to hear a good radio program called Over Easy so it wasn't a total wash. Indianapolis was really lovely and Joel and I went out for a delicious Moroccan meal at a place called Saffron Cafe where we had creamy mussels for an appetizer and a honey-lamb tagine for the main course. We split both and were exceptionally full afterwards, it was quite good. All in all, I give Indianapolis a thumbs up.

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