25 June 2012

A New Start

(I apologize for the weird formatting...) Joel and I moved to Cincinnati three weeks ago and things are finally settling down. We have pretty much everything out of boxes and organized. We've had to be a little creative with where to put things and how to organize them considering it's a pretty small place.
 This is the second time that Joel and I have lived alone since we've gotten married. We lived alone for the first six months in Portland and have had roommates or lived with relatives until now. It's pretty novel. Last week we went to a big antique show in Kentucky with several Cincinnati friends.
  Joel found a saw that he used to make a handle template from. Which he's mostly completed -- I think it still needs some sanding and the blade needs to be attached but, as I said, it's pretty much done! I've started a basil box (as it were) outside in a hanging aluminum planter that I got from Ikea -- basil pesto, here we come! My job is going well and I haven't managed to take photos yet but I will. I spend a lot of my time at the People's Garden in Over-the-Rhine. Photo courtesy of Ryan Mooney-Bullock and Garden Cincinnati I'm the gardening intern at the Civic Garden Center and spend most of my time in the neighborhood gardens in Cincinnati. There are over 40 community gardens but I spend most of my time in about 5 (give or take) and one day I spend strictly on the CGC grounds. I'm really blessed to be working with so many amazing people, genuine in their kindness and help. The amazing thing about this job is that I get paid to do what I love. I haven't seen a city with as much community garden infrastructure as Cincinnati has and it is wonderful to be part of that.

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