13 November 2012

Life Happens

Sometimes blogs have to hibernate for a little bit while the rest of the world around them is going on. That time is now. Joel and I just bought a house in Cincinnati, of which I'll be posting photos of hopefully by the end of the week. And by "just bought" I mean a total of two weeks ago. We're currently working on painting the house and getting the furniture we need to get by, or at least enough to keep us from looking like total slobs. Last night we started painting the basement. There is some pretty dated looking wood paneling down there that we're covering with some paint until a later date when we might do a little more than that. We started stripping the wallpaper from the dining room (also pretty dated, though admittedly in good shape). And we now have a full yard to mess about with. Hurray! It's easy to get carried away with all the things we would like to do, and lose track of reality. But thankfully it all seems relatively manageable. We originally considered purchasing a fixer-upper because there are a lot of those in Cincinnati but then we found this house and couldn't say no. It's really fantastic and we're both really happy to have found it.

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