02 November 2015


It's been two years and two days since my last post, and it's possible that everyone who used to read my blog at that time has forgotten that this little thing exists--but it's alive! Recently, I upgraded my phone to a smart phone and I have been getting back to taking photos and decided I finally needed to put some on here again.

Over the last two years I was swamped with balancing school and work, so taking photos--let alone sharing them--was a really low priority for me. In May, however, I completed my MLIS from UW-Madison, so I have had a lot more free time in which to take photos, knit, kayak, write, paint, and read. I would imagine that some people would think that getting a Masters in Library and Information Science would include lots of pleasure reading, but au contraire! And yes, there was a lot of reading, but for me, I read a lot of technical books and articles which is not always the as pleasurable as, say, reading Seveneves or ridiculous amounts of graphic novels. Though, I'll be completely honest, I genuinely enjoy learning new information science non-fiction, it just happens to stimulate a different part of my brain than science fiction (or any other fiction for that matter).

So without further ado, some lovely fall photos. We can pretend this is exactly where I left off two years ago and I'm picking it all back up again.

My parents visited a couple weeks ago just as the leaves were starting to turn. We went for a walk at Winton Woods at which, up until then, I had only kayaked on the lake. So it was nice to see a different part of a park that I'm very familiar with from the waterside.

And with the advent of fall I have been able to sink my teeth into the mycological side of Ohio and Kentucky, both literally and figuratively. Recently, I was given a rather massive piece of Chicken of the Woods but I didn't take any photos of it before it was turned into mushroom soup.

I'm fairly certain that this is an old reishi (also known as Linzhi, or Ling Chi).

I'm still not sure what these are.

As you may also note, even after two years of hiatus, my propensity for photographing small things and mushrooms has not diminished. I don't know how regularly I will update my blog but if any of you are still reading this, even after all this time, you are one patient individual.

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