23 July 2007

We've Made Contact!

Yesterday I received my first reply from the three Norwegian farms that I contacted. The farmers' names are Anders and Hilde. I'm a little confused if they are married, or if they are friends that are sharing a membership, or if WWOOFers work at both farms. In any case, there are two farms. Hilde's farm is on the west coast near Florø and her sheep are wild sheep of the Old Norwegian breed. And Anders' farm is located in Førde which is in a fjord (omg!!) and he has a normal (who knows what kind) breed of sheep that are kept within the parameters of the farm (all 19 hectares of it!).

It sounds wonderful to be sure, however I have my questions about it. Like, what do they use the sheep for (meat, cheese, wool, friends?)? And what would the WWOOFer do on their farm? How little and how long can a WWOOFer stay? I've asked them these questions so in a matter of time I'll know. So in the mean time I'll just keep dreaming!

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