13 September 2007

My Own Garden

Here are some pictures of my own micro-farm, also known as my backyard garden:

This is Phat Harry. Jen brought him back from New Jersey and is going to give it to Darcey someday because she collects dead things.

These are my lovely gourds that bloom at night!

My depressing little tomatoe that came into being while I was away so it didn't get watered and now I'm trying to nurse it back to health.

Some marigolds that have more than doubled in size since I bought them as a potted plant.

A beautiful jalapeno, one of many in fact. They're growing so fast!!

Going to Norway is currently on hold for a year. However, I am still intending to WWOOF in the US. I'm going through the application process with one farm and called three other farms. So that is my current situation. I will keep you updated on how my application process is going when things have changed. The farm that I am applying to is in near Purcellville (about 40 miles NW of DC).

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