12 February 2009

Old Blog Post

I made this blog post a while ago but the internet crapped out on me so I wasn't able to complete it to its full capacity but since its been so long I'm just going to start a new one. But the old half-finished post is as follows:

Mid February 2009
Last night we made samosas and curried red lentils, it was very delicious! I had it again for lunch (cold, mind you) and the flavours had melded together even more. Also, a little note about turmeric: the longer you cook it the sweeter it gets and, conversely, the shorter you cook it the more bitter it stays. So make sure to put turmeric in at the beginning of your cooking time.

And last saturday I made a blueberry Dutch baby for breakfast. And we had blood oranges for our side, and I'm pretty sure blood oranges are the *best* winter fruit ever. But perhaps they are tied with pomegranates and pears (all kinds), I haven't yet decided.

Our first mushroom flush didn't go so well. We decided to cut them because they were drying out and just sucking nutrients from the patch. We were able to salvage three shiitakes however, so it was not all lost.

For my classes I've been doing work in mediums and concepts that I'm not use to. For one classes our opening assignment was to use only text, no images besides the words, that had to relate to an acquired text. Mine was relating to an article about police profiling written in the Mercury. So I created this piece (with detail) about the words that make up someone, me in particular for this. Words that I associate with myself or that others associate with me.

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