09 March 2009

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Lots of things have been happening lately. I've been doing lots of great feeling work. Which means, I like school because I feel confident in what I'm doing and how to do it, etc. Here is some of what I've been doing:

Joel and I were going to move in with (only) my friend Clara after our lease was up at the end of April but now we're moving in with three other people beside Clara (one is temporary)! All together there will be 5 of us. We had a community meeting last night and we just kept adding people to the list of who we're living with. :0) I'm really excited about living in a community/family again, I think its the best way to live. We're going to have a garden in our own backyard, most likely, because we'll actually have a yard. We're all pretty excited about getting a dog and sharing the responsibility of taking care of it. And if the landlord doesn't like it then we'll get a cat. But its all very exciting.

Today Clara and I went to the Oregon Zoo. It was really cold so the animals were subdued and sleepy.

Real wildlife...

Sleeping bears

The mom's name is Packy (like short for pachyderm, not the racial slur for a Pakistani... we've had this discussion) and the baby's name is Samudra (Suh-moo-drah). Samudra weighs 900 lbs., meanwhile her mother weighs a whopping 7300 lbs!

I didn't get his name but he's an old bull elephant, he seemed very thoughtful and wise. I suppose it was because he was so quiet and kept walking around in circles like a an old man deep in thought. You could even see the path where he had trodden, the exact same foot prints/trail every time.

And then there was this moment between the orangutans and a small human child. It was very interesting. One orangutan was looking at the baby through the glass and then left and then another one came and also stared.

And one of the orangutans was wearing a t-shirt while another tugged on it. It was really amusing because the one in the shirt had pulled her head all the way into it and the other one was trying to pull it off of her.

It was a good short time. And only $1 since we had ridden the MAX lightrail to get there, plus it was $2 tuesday so they gave us a super super cheap discount, hurray!

That seems to be all for now. Portland is a good city and we're definitely looking forward to the summer and warm weather. The weather has been rather spastic, snowing hard then half an hour later full sunshine and clear skies. Summer is really dependable when its sunny and hot and warm all the time. But right now... I'd just like some stable weather.

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boomerang said...

you make such beautiful things...please keep posting your work.