21 January 2010

New School Year

As some of you know, I am heading into my first week of my last (senior) year as an undergraduate. I just finished my first week back and boy am I intimidated by the work load! I probably won't be doing too many blog posts in the upcoming 4 months but I will try where I can, especially with artwork. We'll see what unfolds. This semester I will be taking:

1. Professional Practices - a senior class that will help me articulate my proposal for my thesis which I will be presenting in April (proposal, not thesis -- thats in the fall)
2. Advanced Sculpture - I've been dying to take this class. It is completely devoid of directed assignments and I will be doing my thesis work here.
3. City as Site - This is an art history class focusing on public artwork, I don't know a whole lot because this is a monday class and MLK Jr. day makes us the first monday class, I'll know more this upcoming monday.
4. Homeland - This is a Theory and Practice class which incorporates both reading, writing and studio assignments this one in particular focuses on the American landscape, environment and place.
5. The Wire as American Noir - A literature class in which we are going to be watching all five seasons by the end of the semester in addition to reading several other books. Luckily one of these books is No Country for Old Men which I just recently read so I have a leg up on it there.

if you're counting that is a full load and if I provided a syllabus for each one, well, let's just say I hope you're all praying! Only two semesters left (including this one) and I want to finish strong. This has been a long long journey in the making between the three colleges I've attended and countless major changes I've made. Let's just hope I get to the end alive. :0)

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Kryptonite said...

You'll get through it just fine and do well too! It will feel so good once it's over. Good luck doesn't hurt tho. sending my best wishes.