07 February 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Two blogs in two days? I know, I can hardly believe it myself but here we are. Today Joel and I went on a bike ride up to Smith & Bybee Lakes which are at the northern tip of the city limits. On our way there Joel spotted this house: with a purple lawn no less!

I'm not sure if they were crocuses but if they weren't they were very similar.

Then we rode along the Columbia Slough and I found a duck skull. There was also another skull close to it which looked more like a squirrel skull or some medium sized rodent.

And we also saw this hole in the clouds, you know what that means, good moods are around the corner!

Then we followed a bike path for a mile or two and then reached Smith & Bybee Lakes. This is the trail leading to the wetlands. Everything in this area is covered in bright green moss in the winter time.

At the end of the asphalt trail there was this "observation deck" with kodak-moment frames.

We saw a couple of little tiny bird nests, probably belonging to little hummingbirds.

The wildlife was nowhere to be seen but we heard lots of bullfrogs and saw the evidence of beavers. Apparently they are nocturnal creatures and you're more likely to see them in the middle of summer and not winter.

Then we road back just as the sun was coming out! We found this wonderful bike path/dike that followed the slough. We saw only one or two other bikers the whole time while we were on it.

And lastly, I decided to change my thesis idea again to something a little more akin to my previous work and less rigid than what I had proposed initially. I also felt a little like I was pigeon-holing myself and the idea I have now is a lot freer and workable. I'm really looking forward to this work (fibers)! I'll keep you guys updated.

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Gina T said...

I love reading about your bike rides. and I'm excited to hear about what you've changed your thesis to. Good luck w/ everything :)