16 December 2010

The End is Here

Yesterday was my last day of classes at PNCA and tomorrow is my last day of work and after that: Anything. I have considered trying to recap everything that has happened in the last two months but I think that I'm just going to focus on my thesis and the presentation.

For my thesis I created two tent-like structures that meant to act as meditation pods. I invited four of my friends to join me in putting them up and sitting in them.

One of them was installed at the Coast in Manzanita, OR. Clara and Joel came with me for this deployment.

And then I invited Kelley and our newest roommate JMSN (abbreviated for protection).

And then I gave a thirty minute presentation on 30 November 2010 in the Manuel Izquierdo Gallery at my school.

So as of tomorrow I am officially an alum. I am very much looking forward to spending some time in the world as a non-student. I am also looking forward to getting better at knitting, reading anything my heart desires and doing artwork that is not influenced by school.

I've already started learning how to knit better. I made a hat using two colours instead of just one which is a first for me -- or least when going beyond the realm of stripes.

I know this isn't quite a lot of words and mostly just pictures but this is what I have been working on for the last year (the thesis, not the hat). I will now commence posting with regularity. If anyone knows of a good job for me I would be most appreciative if you would pass that along to me. I am looking for jobs as of now and looking in most large cities (Philly, DC, Madison, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati -- you know, east of the Mississippi). I will keep you all posted as to what we decide -- or perhaps what is decided for us? Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to graduate, whether participating in, funding or simply encouraging me the whole way. It has all turned out well and I am so grateful to you all. An especially big thank you to my patient parents who have been waiting for me to graduate for eighteen years now (give or take? Maybe twenty-three?) and for my thesis mentors who have been challenging and encouraging me a lot in the last year. Thank you, thank you.

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