18 December 2010

The Office

For the last couple months this is what my "office" looked like. If it wasn't spent in my studio then it was spent sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch in the living room. I was often accompanied by a cup of tea and oftentimes a satsuma -- whom I wrote an ode to.

On the day before I officially turned in my thesis we had a rainbow in Portland, it was a lovely double rainbow but I only got photos of the bright one. Believe it or not, in Portland we have ridiculous amounts of rain but very very few rainbows, probably because there is no promise that our corner of the world will not be flooded again with ridiculous amounts of rain. We just have come to take it in stride that part of our souls will be washed away by all the sad grey rain.

And lastly, I have started making challah for bread pudding on Christmas Eve.

We are going to have dinner with a couple friends and then go to church, I'm very excited! As for why I'm making challah instead of just buying: really it was quite expensive and there is no reason in the world for it to be that expensive. None. So I decided to make some bread since it would be a lot cheaper this way.

Can I get a Challah!!

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