31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

This last weekend we went to Baltimore to celebrate our friends' wedding which was a lot of fun. It can be very hard to come back to real life after such a great weekend filled with friends and celebration. On our way there we drove some of the county and state routes.

The great thing about these smaller roads is that it often leads to fantastic unexpected sights. We were driving one of these roads when Joel exclaimed, "Did you see that? It looked like a fox!" I hadn't seen it so we decided to turn around and check it out. Sure enough, it was a fox. He looked like he was sick and I'm not sure he made it through the rest of the day. But that's the sort of thing you don't get to see on an interstate.

Joel was one of the groomsmen so I got a good sneak peek of the men all getting ready for the wedding.

The wedding was held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore which I have visited when it wasn't being used for a wedding, but it was fantastic as a wedding venue. Lots of space to dance and have a good time. Easily one of the best weddings I have ever been to!

And why not leave on a weird note: The groom sharing a roasted asparagus with one of the wedding guests.

We also got to visit our friends Patty and Chad who recently bought a house. Very cute!

And in other news: I finished this fantastic hat. It is super soft and cozy! I can hardly wait until it is cold enough for hats so I can try it out.

Tonight at work all of us are dressing up, I am bringing my camera to work so I can take photos of everyone and will post those in the near future. I am really hoping there will be kids dressed up tonight too, but it's kind of blustery outside so we may not have many people come in. We shall see!

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