13 October 2013

School + Work + Knit

I am procrastinating. I have homework to do that I can make neither heads nor tails of, so I am procrastinating here. I haven't posted here in ages and I have been feeling compelled to do so for a while. Lately my life has been consisting primarily of school, work, knitting. In that order. Knitting is a great thing to do whether you have a couple minutes here and there, or a large period of time.

Two months ago a friend of mine showed off a sweater that she had knit for herself. For some reason, seeing someone I know make a sweater made me feel like I could make a sweater. So I put out a message on Facebook to see if any of my friends with children would like a guinea pig sweater for free. A friend of mine said she would love one for her 2 year old toddler. So I decided to make it for a 3 year old, thinking that it would take me a long time to accomplish. However, when I started knitting it I was bound and determined to get it done as quick as possible. So I did. Here is the 2 year old that I knit it for, and her older brother (actually 3 years old) modeling it for me.

So, knowing that I could make one for a toddler I decided to make one for an adult, more specifically for myself. I am 90% of the way done with it and will post pictures of it when I am completely done. It is coming along nicely and all I have to do is finish the second sleeve and attach it and then I will be done. My next project involves all the beautiful yarn below. A big thank you to grandma Becky and aunt Karen for the birthday money to make this possible!

All of the yarn in the first photo is going to be a sweater with an Icelandic-inspired yoke, very similar to the toddler sweater. In the second photo the light green ball in the front is what I have been knitting into a wonderful cabled hat.  I am also planning on making a rabbit ear hood/cowl out of the fluffy grey yarn (a gorgeously soft silk & mohair blend). My hope was to have it done by Halloween, but I think it will have to wait til next year.

And here are some obligatory photos from my garden and from doing a hike in Mt. Airy forest.

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