25 September 2007

Fall Harvest

Today was a sad day in the garden. We pulled the beets but they didn't produce anything and we realised somebody took the long skinny mirror which was pretty disappointing cause I wanted to take that with me when I moved to a new apartment. Jen was kind enough to take pictures. So here are some of the day's happenings:

This is a baby gourd. I hope this is more successful than the ill-fated beets. The whole gourd

These are some of my beautiful marigolds that are doing well and have been looking ever so lovely as when I first planted them.

I'm pulling up the beets, frowning at the great lack of beets grown.

This is the last beet to be pulled up, pretty discouraged. Oh well, better luck next season.

That is the closest thing to a beet that we got this year. A tiny tiny little tuber, but nothing of which to eat.

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