29 January 2008

Trip 3

Today my mom and I went down to Orange County again because I left my purse at the cafe we went to last night with my brother. That would make it trip #3 this week down to Chapman. And yes, I am that forgetful. It happens more times than I like to think about. This was, however, possibly the most costly time, considering it takes two hours to get down to Chapman. But I figured I would just use this as an excuse to bring my camera along. I got some fun shots and we happened upon a sheep herding lessons ranch too. Well worth the trip.

These first ones are of my home in the Antelope Valley:

We have a problem with flooding and this last week has been particularly stormy, here's what happens:

These are pictures from Bouquet Canyon, its a road that connects my valley with Valencia, Santa Clarita and Stevenson Ranch (home to Weeds, its the REAL Agrestic):

And these are the lambies that we saw, they were at the sheep herding lessons ranch. Notice the lamb jumping into the air, he looks so happy!:

And this is when we're cresting the hills over which you can see the Antelope Valley:

All in all it was a good day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I got along with my mom. We went to three grocery stores (weird!) and got some yummy cheeses, yoghurt, blood oranges and barley (for soups).

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