15 April 2008

Etsy updated!

I am about to shamelessly sell myself to you. I just updated my Etsy shoppe. Here is a link to it: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5152307 Not that I want you to buy my things but I want to show off. :0) Like I said, shameless.

I just applied to a craft show that is happening in Baltimore, MD on June 21. The Baltimore Craft Mafia are hosting it at St. John's Church in Charles Village by Johns Hopkins University. Here is the info from the website: The event, featuring 40+ crafty vendors, will be held indoors at St. John’s Church, located at 2640 St. Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21218, from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. So if you're in the area at the time you should totally check it out. Whether I'm there or not! :0) Just wanted to throw that out there.

I've also applied to a farm in Pucellville, Va. Its called Wheatland Vegetable Farms run by a husband and wife and lots of interns. Joel also applied to work there when he's done with Habitat in July. I'm really hoping we get accepted, well, me especially cause thats what I am hoping to do this summer and fall if they accept me. (Mid June to the end of October) They grow lots of vegetables (numerous heirloom tomatoes -- yum!) and a few fruits and flowers. Their description of the farm and living there was really down to earth, they weren't trying to gloss it over or glamorize it, which I really appreciated. It sounds like it'll really work me hard but I'm looking forward to it. I am ready to feel tired in both mind and body and appreciate the sleep and the food I've been given. I feel very disconnected with the soil and the food that comes forth from it, so I'm really happy for this opportunity.

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