01 April 2008

Burning Down the House

Today Joel and I decided to spend the day photographing a couple houses that burnt down in the Green Valley wildfire last summer. I'd been wanting to photograph the area for quite some time and hadn't been able to do it. But today we were finally able to. It was a gorgeous day and the Canyon wasn't even cold but rather a pleasant temperature. I had a couple worries that we would get caught for trespassing but we didn't. We weren't doing anything and didn't take anything and didn't destroy anything -- we just took pictures and stood in awe.

There was A LOT of melted glass that had contorted itself into new and beautiful shapes.

There was also a lot of ceramics and things that had been in the kitchens for the most part. I really liked seeing all the things that had once been useful things. It was a bizarre thing indeed.

And since this winter we got rain (which doesn't always happen here in the desert, we've had a drought the last two years) a lot of the things there were rusted.

And here are a couple other things that melted or were otherwise destroyed by the fire.

And there were lizards there too. They were a lot bigger than the ones at the Poppy reserve, those guys were chumps compared to these leapin' lizards!

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