26 April 2008

House-sitting, Poppy Festival & Stuffed Animals

I realised, I never put up any photographs of the dogs I took care of last weekend, or talked about it for that matter. It was certainly an interesting weekend, confirming that no, I never want to raise a puppy. They were so rambunctious and full of energy in the mornings, and seeing as I'm not a morning person, I wanted to kill them. Haha, okay, thats a bit extreme, but I was not happy about waking up so early to something so full of energy. But they were good besides that for the most part. However, Ali ate my shoes. :0( But that was about the extent of the misdemeanors. But here they are in full-colour: Ali (pink collar) and Emma (red collar)!

Then on saturday my mom rescued me for the morning and we went to the Lancaster Poppy Festival. For it being a Poppy Festival there was very little to do with poppies, curious, I think. But it was great, in spite of the lack of poppies to which we were celebrating. We went to the petting zoo area, which was far more extensive than just a petting zoo. There were stalls for a couple regional wildlife rescue agencies, a falconry show, and a rainforest tent. There were also a couple 4-h animal providers there too.

Then a couple days ago Joel sent my sewing machine to me and I've been having fun with it for sure. I've made several little stuffed animals and its been great to make them cause its so quick. Instant gratification sewing!

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