24 May 2009

Garden Time!

My camera batteries have finally died and it's time for me to get some more rechargeable batteries so I can take photos and share them with you.

Recently, as of yesterday, everything has started to look very promising. Our potatoes are really coming up nicely. The peas are about 2-3" tall, our bush beans are 3" tall. The tomatoes are growing very slowly but I think they're doing fine. The corn looks beautiful and will definitely be "knee high by July (4)." Today I transplanted our Sun Gold Tomatoes, sweet peppers and hot peppers. I did a poor job of labeling so I'm not quite sure which are the sweet peppers and which are hot or if I planted two rows of sweets or hots.

We're going to be able to put the chickens out in about two weeks. Progress on the chicken run has slowed down since we can't get a post hole digger but Joel's going to ask around at work to see if anyone has one. They're getting really big and feathery but are still very adolescent as well.

Tomorrow one of my old roommates and another friend from Baltimore will be visiting! I'm very excited to show them our new city and our house, garden and chickens. They'll be here for two days which should be lovely.

Pictures to come in the near future!

Also, I thought this video was hilarious. It's by Don Herzfeldt, some of you may know what that means.

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