17 May 2009

Garden Update

As I've promised some of you, here are some pictures of the progress of our miniature farming escapade. Things are starting to come together better and our yard looks more respectable. The front yard still needs some work but I'm off for the summer (with no job *sigh*) so I've got a while to work on it.

I finally got the big patch of dirt in our yard into mounds and have most of the rows planted. We have two rows of corn and four rows of heirloom tomatoes.

We also got the two raised beds together and planted. Those are full of heirloom beats, peas and beans.

This is our table of starters and pots that aren't going in the ground. The starters here are heirloom sweet (Marconi Red) and hot (Early Jalapenos) peppers.

This is our potato and onion patch. I planted them together because potatoes have low roots and onions have high roots and figured they would do okay for the long haul.

Joel has been putting together our chicken house and run recently and it's almost done! The big empty corner is where we'll be putting up the fence and house for the chickens. I dug the post holes today and tomorrow we'll be cementing in the posts and then we can put up the fence! It's coming along nicely and very quick.

Some lilacs that will be located in the chicken run. They smell so good!

Chicken time! Our chickens are getting really big now. They're in a sort of dorky adolescent phase. They've gotten a lot more calm as of late, they might be stressed out from growing/molting. Apparently they stress out easily, almost to a ridiculous extent.

All in all, things are going well. The corn is coming up well and is very reassuring. And we've had no problems with the chickens. I feel a little like I need these reassurances because gardening (when not in pots) seems to be trickier than I was anticipating. I know I started late on a couple things. I also know not to put the basil in straight away. This has been a learning process for me. I know how to tend and harvest but the beginning part is the hardest. I figure, plants want to grow even more than I want them to so they're going to try their hardest. Plants just want to grow and they will do so in their own timing.

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boomerang said...

This all looks so lovely. It looks like you will have a tasty summer.