07 May 2009

A New House

This is a very long overdue post. However, as a disclaimer, I am sick so if I rattle or miss words that is why. So three weeks ago Joel and I moved into a house with four of our other friends (one is temporary). It's been really great so far. We started a couple raised beds, a compost pile and got chicks!

And our yard has *HUGE* worms in it. This one that Clara is holding was actually a lot longer when he stretched out.

On Craigslist I found these picket fences for free which will be our chicken run. :0) We painted them with bad-batch paint so they're light pink, I guess that's appropriate for an all girl flock. :0)

We all got our own chickens and they're all different colours and breeds. Mine is a Black Australorp, Joel has a Buff Orpington, Clara got a Delaware White (a heritage breed [like an heirloom vegetable] that is more dominant than the rest), Marie got a Salmon Faverolles, and Kevin got a Gold-Laced Wyandotte.

We're keeping them in the basement in a bath tub until they get big enough to go outside and then Kevin is going to fix it up to be a proper shower.

Last week was Marie's 26th birthday. I made lasagna and chocolate cake, both were a smashing success.

At any rate, its been really nice to live with friends and to hang out in the kitchen often and drink tea together. :0)

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