27 October 2009

Eggs and Mushrooms!

I am proud to announce that one of our chickens had her first and second eggs in the last three days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little (under-exageration) excited because I didn't even think that they would start to lay eggs before next spring. But lo and behold they proved me wrong not once, but twice!

And then today as I was sitting in my bedroom (which faces the backyard/west) I heard quite a ruckus from the chickens and I thought to myself, "Oh my goodness, what if one of them is freaking out because she is pushing out an egg?!" And then I got stuck looking up a mushroom that I found on my way home. (Which ended up being fruitless to say the least. At least I'm pretty sure its a Tricholoma, pictures to follow.) And then I finally dragged myself out to the yard to find this little treasure.

And for scale: 1.) It fit into my hand, so tiny and small.

2.) The two eggs on the right bottom are the first two eggs we've gotten farthest right is the one from today.

And this is the beautiful mushroom that distracted me from following my instinct and seeing about the egg.

More to come soon!

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