08 October 2009

Ethnobotany and Mycology

Yesterday I went on an expedition through Forest Park after one of my classes. I was there to document all the plants in a particular area for my ethnobotany class but I mostly took photos of mushrooms, most of which happened to be exceedingly tiny. I haven't a whole lot to say about these photographs/mushroom besides the fact that the massive amounts of clustered mushrooms are inedible and are Yellow Sulphur Tufts. Also, my camera batteries died so some of the photos are unclear because I kept turning on my camera, adjusting the settings and taking the camera as quickly as I could before the camera died again. I can usually trick my camera into getting 4 more shots if I space out the time of each shot and take it as fast as I can.

And other non-mushroomy things caught my eye, particularly this beautiful Ohio buckeye/horse chestnut (inedible) and these pileated woodpeckers.

The other night we had Kelley and Brady over for dinner. I made miso soup and egg rolls (yes, I rolled them and fried them myself) and Kelley brought over Trader Joe's potstickers. It was nice and hot and salty, it was nice to have a group dinner again.

And this was my disastrous mess of a sculpture piece. I instead made a model for this piece and presented that. This piece will one day have life breathed into but for now its on the back burner. My next project is going to be another sleep pod but of a less common type (this piece is based off of the child ideal of the fort/secret hideout) I'll post the model once I have that photographed.

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