10 October 2009

Riding 'Round Mt. Hood

Today Joel and I went on a nice long fall drive around Mt. Hood.

On our way there we drove along the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway which was created in the 1920s. A lot of the bridges were styled after churches and cathedrals because the guy who was designing the highway/bridges felt that the forest was a similar sacred space. I really love them. :0)

We stopped along our way to check out this short yet beautifully crafted tunnel for foot/bike traffic.

Check out that man beard!

And of course the obligatory mushroom and seedpod photos.

We also stopped at the USGS Fish Hatchery and Bonneville Dam. They have windows at the bottom of the salmon ladder so you can watch the salmon/shad make their ascent up the river.

Then we drove a bit longer and then on the other side of the mountain we stopped to hike at Dog Creek. We actually didn't take the hiking path but hiked up an overgrown dirt road, and by overgrown I mean it hadn't been used at least ten years.

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