09 March 2010

New Design Site

I'm trying something new. I've started a new blog for my design/illustration work only. It's a bit rough now so I hesitate sharing it at this point, but you know, whatever.


We'll see how it goes. I'd like to keep it up since the layout is really nice and I have a little more control over how it looks in general. That's the one downfall of blogspot, its just very limited in it's choices and since I'm not buying a blog space I'm limited to the pre-set layouts. Poor me.

Anyways, I have been busy with school and setting up a card "shop." Luckily cards don't go out of style very quickly so even if I don't get to selling them straight away (or ever) I can always just start sending them to friends and family or save them until one day I get famous. My plan, however, is to start selling them at First of Last Thursdays. First Thursdays are in the Pearl District. I'm going to an information session on thursday to find out more about this. Last Thursdays is kind of a free for all and you can set up a table anywhere for free. Thankfully the First Thursday space is free to PNCA students so I'm going to try and take advantage of it while I can (not long now!). Here are a few things I've done so far.

After this post I won't be posting anymore card/illustration things on here and will be reserving those for the Red Bird blog. So get your fix now or check that space out from time to time.

And thanks to all you who are praying for me getting through school! It has been zooming by quicker than you can say lickety-split and I am ever grateful that it is not dragging out. I just got over being sick this weekend and it didn't interfere with school. I got a paper in on time in spite of not going to class (I didn't want to get everyone sick and I wanted to get that last push of a good night's sleep). All in all its been a good semester. I will be giving my proposal in about a month. I still need lots of prayer to get me over than hump and then I'm home free! Or kind of, I'll still need to make lots of sculpture (yay!) and then giving my final presentation in December. I feel like I should be more nervous than I am but I'm not. And I'm especially thankful for that.

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