24 March 2010

Springtime in the Garden of Good and Evil

I think I'm the only who gets the counters for how many blogs I've posted but the last past passed me by on a motorcycle and into the ocean. What I mean to say is, I posted my 100th post with no ceremony at all. I guess I'll just have to wait til 150 or 200. Anyways, back to real life:

On monday Kelley and Brady came over for dinner and Kelley and I cooked together. She made some delicious broth steamed mussels and I made green beans with garlic and pecans.

It was delicious and simple. We had two white wines, one from Spain and the other from Napa, CA which complimented to dish wonderfully. We've been having warm dry weather the last couple days (however the spell was broken tonight, back to the dismal PNW rain for a while) and the dish seemed very fitting. Yum.

Here is the main chef herself, Kelley.

Also at home, I've been doing some work in the garden. I dug up the ground where the tomatoes use to be in order to plant potatoes initially, something else summery too next month I think.

You can also see in that photo that I've added a little to the non-functional chicken blocking fence. I call it "non-functional" because, well, they just hop over it. Close up.

Speaking of the chickens, I realized I haven't taken a photo of the chickens since they became real lady hens. Allow me to reintroduce the hens (this is their virtual debutante ball):

The Salmon Faverolles aka Crazy Face

The Gold-Laced Wyandotte aka The Bowling Ball

The Black Australorp aka She's just loud

The Buff Orpington aka Fluffy Drumsticks (no really, see the following photo)

And our raspberry bush is starting to put out leaves. No blossoms yet but they should soon. Kevin trimmed them back this year (which I'm pretty sure no one did last year since the previous tenants seemed pretty careless) so they should be even more prolific this year.

This is our sort of unimpressive back of the house. Later in the summer the tree should be full of leaves (and apples??), the pots will be full of basil and the dirt should be full of potatoes and some other vegetables that grow well in the NW.

This is a bud from the apple tree. This should also be blooming very soon.

Our camellia tree is starting to drop the flowers.

Thesis Stuff

So this is what I've been working on so far.

My studio is **small** to say the least but its worked so far. I don't really understand if I just managed to get myself into a stupid spot or how good studio are gotten. Mine might be as big as 5 x 7 feet, maybe a little bigger but as far as a 3d person goes, its slightly more than useless. My goal is to get a big studio next semester (and I will fight to the death for it, or -- sort of).

So this is what I've been up to in my tiny space.

I'm going to be using it in a performance piece I'm going to do at the coast in a while. More to come later.

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Gina T said...

delicious food, great people, lovely garden backyard and great art. What more could a blog reader ask for? I'm excited to hear about the performance thing at the cost.