31 March 2008

Exploring What I Already Know

I'm not going to have many captions here. I'll put a few but I'll explain more later but I'll put enough so that you won't be totally lost! Joel is visiting this week and we've been showing him all of the gems we have in the desert.

First we started at the California Poppy Reserve.

We also went to Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce.

And along Bouquet Canyon Rd., there was a couple houses that got burnt down in the fires last summer and this is what's left. Joel and I are going back tomorrow to take pictures again.

On sunday after church Joel and I were going to go down to LA before the Avett Brothers show but we went to the beach first. We went to San Buenaventura Beach.

Then we actually went to LA because the beach was really windy and cold. But it was not a loss. We walked through the LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) sculpture garden and saw the La Brea tar pits. They're on the same plot of land. Unfortunately I left the camera in the car for those.

And today we went to the Prime Desert Wildlife Preserve but my batteries died really quick.

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