03 May 2008

Oh, the Animals!

I've currently ditched efforts to make recognisable animals and have concentrated on making cute monsters instead. I think they'd sell better at the potential craft show I might be selling in. I applied but I don't know if I've been accepted, that's why its "potential." But, without further ado: monsters!

And another monster, that I like to call my cat, did something wonderful the other day. My parents and I were sitting at the take for breakfast when we noticed that there were little holes by the house. We already had two holes from toads that burrowed under the cement slab, so to see more of them was a little curious. Not to mention the fact that Kiki was extremely interested in these new additions to the landscape. We thought they were maybe snake or lizard holes since they weren't that big (i.e., a gopher hole). But while I was at school my mom saw "a furry little head poking out of the hole." Good thing it wasn't a snake that would kill us in our sleep, I said. I have an active imagination. So later I was in my room reading a book when my mom came very excitedly saying Kiki had caught the gopher! Though I thought, its not a gopher mom, duh. But as it turned out, it really was a gopher. So I took my camera to document what my honour student had done. I was *very* proud of her! What an efficient cat I have!

We put the gopher (its a female Valley gopher) in a tub and threw it out cause we weren't sure what to do with it. Kiki wasn't the least bit interested in it after she killed it. She just dropped it on the rug at the back door and trotted inside with the air of a huntress after a great kill, but as it happens, is actually a vegetarian. She's not really a vegetarian though. Just me. :0)

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