02 August 2009

The Fecundity of Summer

The last couple days have been really full -- though not busy -- and summery. Friday evening Joel, Clara and I went to our friend Monnica's art show opening at Caffe d'Art.

Silly faces

Then the next day, saturday, Clara and I met up with Monnica and we went out to lunch together at Muddy's. It was kind of a goodbye lunch for Monnica because she's going abroad to work at a monastery in Scotland for two months. It sounds like a really great thing!

Monnica got delicious looking quiche.

Clara and I split the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast.

On our walk home I snapped some photos of the alleys we ride our bikes through to collect blackberries and where we use to get raspberries.

Someday I will actually have my camera when we go out on our alley excursions and take some in-action shots, ha ha.

And we walked by one of my favourite signs in Portland.

Later that evening we went to Pix Patisserie (pastry shop) with Beth, one of Clara's coworkers. We split two desserts, the Opera and the St. Honorè. The Opera was like a tiramisu slice but even more rich (chocolaty, liqeur, wafers/lady fingers). The St. Honorè was a brioche pastry with creme brulèed cream puffs on the top. Delicious and decaent!

Then we came back to our house and Clara showed Beth around our now abundant little urban farmstead.

We picked our very first ear of corn! (We have the most mature corn in all of NE Portland!) And are planning on eating it tonight or tomorrow. Proud husband Joel. :0)

Our garden is doing much better in spite of the heat wave. About a month ago we added the fertilizer (Steve Solomon's recipe) and they've been doing *really* well since. Nixon tomatoes.

The chickens are also doing well (did I mention we broke the all-time highest temperature since 1902? Yes... 108ºf) and faired the heat wave without losing too many feathers over it.

The chickens really like the grubs that have suddenly started hatching and growing in our compost bin so I've been feeding them a couple scoopfuls each day.

And Orson has been rubbing his scary male-cat rat repellant all over the garden.


lazy bones said...

It all looks so lovely and lush!

Hannah Stitzlein said...

Why thank you lindsay. :0) It is very lush! Right now it seems to be more lush than fruitful but I think that will change in the near future.