10 August 2009

Luster Life

Every sunday we're faced with a dilemma and one of the best kinds: What to do with half-rotten fruit? We bring home what we can from the Food Church and do something with it. Its like getting food dumpster dived for us, ha ha. So recently Joel had a brilliant idea: bring all the lemons home that you can -- and we did!

Joel made lemonade! And some damn fine lemonade at that. We had over four cups of lemon juice!

Here's an unflattering picture of Joel -- sorry love! -- with his raspberry lemonade. It was *so* good. It only took 8 raspberries to turn the lemonade that pink.

I think that's about five gallons of lemonade all together.

The other night we all were home so we had a roommate interview on a whim. Unfortunately we don't have a roommate yet. The girl who was suppose to move in had her stuff half way moved in and then realised she shouldn't do it, like an emotional intuition thing. While I respect people going with their feelings sometimes it affects other people negatively. But I'd rather know about this "gotta go with my feelings" now and have her not move in than have her move out in a month. *sigh* Onward ho!

Life in our garden is abundant. This afternoon Clara and I picked our corn and tonight we're going to have a corn feast! "Feast" may be a bit overdoing it but I will call it that in any case.

After that I went out for a bike ride and picked blackberries and the fig tree I've been eyeing has finally ripened!

And I made another blackberry pie.

I'm going to try to persuade the people with the fig tree to trade me figs for a pie or two. They're just so good and I'd hate to have them go to waste!


Clara said...

Yay naked pictures on the internet!

Hannah Stitzlein said...

Do you really want me to get in trouble with a comment like that?