06 August 2009

Friends and Paintings

In the last couple days I've done a lot of painting. I'm working on a summer assignment with one of my professors from last semester. Essentially I asked my professor some of the more existential questions an artist can ask and asked if she could create an assignment for me. So I've been exploring what it means to be an artist and what draws me to certain artists. I'm focusing on representing my dreams/translating them into a single-frame. None of these are done yet, they are all works in progress (except the octopus).

I'm also working on a quilt for my friends who are getting married in September. I tried to put one together a couple months ago and what I tried to do was too ambitious for where I am right now in my quilting skills. And this is how their invitation turned out that I did the illustrations for. I was very pleased with it. I even think Patty did all the calligraphy.

The other night we had Kelley and Eleanor over for dinner. Clara made a delicious salmon (from the food church) and potatoes, I made black berry pie with berries I picked the day before. Eleanor made a really summery cold soup of cucumber, yogurt and dill -- yum! Kelley made a lovely Mexican bean salad, her specialty. All in all it was a really lovely dinner full of good foods and dessert.

Things are alright, they're tight, as always but such is life. Prayer is good.

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jen brown said...

I am so glad the art thing is still working out. I have so many doubts, so many questions, but mostly, fears.
I am jealous of your new family, and all the great food!
reminded me of your paintings in this post, via postsecret this week.