01 May 2010

Cutting the Muster

I passed my thesis proposal! I had a really great panel that had by ad large good questions. I still have a lot of my own questions but they are something I can work with. I didn't get any photos of myself giving the presentation but it was really dark and they wouldn't have come out well. In general I did well, it wasn't very smooth but such is life when you're nervous. I wish I had practiced it a little more. I hadn't actually looked at my presentation for about a week and thought about what I was going to say and that showed. Other than that it was pretty straight forward.

This morning Clara moved out of her room and our new roommate Brian (or BHT) is currently moving in as I write this. I'm hoping that this is going to be a good fit, he seems like he'll work well for our house so I'm excited. I haven't a whole lot to write but wanted to let you all know that I've passed my proposal. I still have quite a lot of school work left to do but I have one paper down which is nice. And now I must go and work on another paper.


Gina T said...

good luck with all the school stuff and the new roommate. I had no idea Clara was moving out. :( does this make you the only girl?

Hannah Stitzlein said...

I am the only girl for now. When K moves out we'll look for another girl to balance out the genders in the house. Who knows. I think it'll be okay though. :0)