09 May 2010

Finals & Garden Life

I am almost done with school, just four more days left! I have finished a couple finals. This is the one that I did with the bread and butter. I made everyone sit down and discuss their favourite food related experience, whether it was farming or eating or cooking. This is considered social practice art, I am not much of a believer in social practice art but it was a good response to the reading we had done. And it was received well too! Here's the documentation of the event.

And this is the documented form of another sleep pod that I've made. I may rephotograph them but I'm not sure.

The Garden!

Our chickens are doing well. The australorp has become broody which means she thinks she's incubating eggs.

She has shed all her stomach and some chest feathers in order to transfer the most heat to her eggs, however we've taken all the eggs from under her but she still stays on her nest. She doesn't realize that she's not actually doing anything. I'm hoping that she'll quit sometime soon cause she's not eating or drinking much and I can't help but worry. At the same time though this is a natural process so I'm not too worried.

I also found out that the chickens had been laying underneath the coop because there wasn't enough bedding in the coop. So I remedied that and added more straw.

I thought I might be able to catch the faverolles laying an egg but I think she was getting stage fright. So I just got a photo of her fluffy behind.

And this is just the ladies eating. Notice that the australorp isn't there. This is because she's heating her non-existent eggs.

Our potatoes have finally broken ground!

And our radishes are getting beautiful.

The apple tree has more pollinated apples this year than it did last (which totaled around six measly apples), so many that I had to stop counting because there were so many. I hope that they actually stay on the branches and make it to maturity.

And our onions and garlic just look astounding. They looked good for a while but now they look really fantastic.

And this is the salmon faverolles poking around the radishes.

There was one radish that was big enough that I felt okay to pick it. And I also picked a bunch of arugula too.

That's about it for the garden and me. Its all so much easier to see the goodness when it is sunny outside as it has been today and yesterday. To all the mothers out there, happy mother's day. And to the students, good luck with finals! I'm really looking forward to this upcoming weekend and being free of school!

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Gina T said...

Four more days! way to hang in there! I love your sleep pod :) and the garden is looking great. I can't wait to have a garden one day. I'm glad things are going well.