04 May 2010

Hannah You're So Domestic

Someone once said to me, "Hannah, you're so domestic!" and I almost puked all over her. The last thing in the world that I wanted to be was a sedated housewife barefoot and preggers. And that was what "domestic" meant to me at the time. I'm starting to learn that it doesn't have to be a conservative domesticity, but technically, yes I am domestic. But I'm also a very capable bad ass when it comes to a shovel. Or a blender.

For a school project I made two loaves of bread. And butter. Bread is no problem for me and I used to make it on a more regular basis. But butter is something that I've only made a couple times. One of those times was tonight. I started making it the way I had before, by shaking it in a glass jar with dice for agitation. I shook and I shook but I could not turn that whipping cream into butter. Here it is as whipping cream and the rising dough.

Then after I started shaking the whipping cream again after taking a break Kevin came in and said, "You could always do it with a blender. That might ruin the spirit of the thing. One time I whipped my cream too long and it turned into butter." After wrestling with the idea for a long time I decided that was the only way I was going to be getting butter in time for class. And butter I did make! I was nervous I was going to run the blender to death but I did it!

The liquid in the bottom was the indicator that I had made butter. It started splashing everywhere so I turned off the blender and found out it was indeed butter. I had to squeeze out a lot of excess milk water but it finally yielded beautiful soft and fatty butter. I will post most glamorous photos when they are in class.

As for the garden, it is coming along nicely. We had our first arugula harvest a couple days ago and had a delicious salad with it.

The arugula is all disorganized and I am blaming either the cat or chickens for rooting around in the beds while the arugula were just seeds.

The radishes on the other hand are nicely organized and are also doing well. Look at this lovely!

The onions and garlic are also doing fabulously. Not time to pull them yet but I can't wait!

And here are our tomato starts. They're still really small because its so cold here.

And thats all for now. I'll be posting again later with the turnout of my project. A shout out to all you mothers, happy mothers day! Its a little early but I wanted to say thank you for all your encouragement and prayers. We wish we were anywhere near our mothers on Mother's Day but so it goes. And I love everyone else who's not a mother too.

Almost done with school. I will be victorious!

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lazy bones said...

I read an article this winter about making butter in a food processor. I've been meaning to try it, but I wanted to find a local dairy farm first so I could buy some yummy cream. I'm glad it turned out for you!